We like stories that start strong, and then get even better. Settings where we've never been, situations we couldn't have imagined, characters doing work we didn't realize we wanted to know everything about. That, or the achingly familiar told in a new way. We're ready to see a little genre-bending, or the story you know would get creamed in a workshop. Your story will stand on its own, sure, but we're looking to build an issue full of stories simultaneously varied and cohesive. Which is all to say, surprise us with the story we didn't know to ask for.

Send us one short story. And while you are welcome to upload a pdf, don't think you need to do any fancy layout of your story before submitting. Simple formatting -- double-spaced in a readable font -- makes for the easiest reading for us. We promise: we'll make it look pretty when the time comes.

Genre editor: Monica McFawn

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